I won’t beat around the bush. I love to rant and I hate Eclipse. I really utterly hate everything about it. To the bone. The GUI (the horror), the buttons glyphs (ONOES), the keyboard shortcuts (my god, the keyboard shortcuts), the dialogs (they haunt me), the annoying helper icons (MAKE IT STOP), AAAAAAaaaah!!!!!!

To pick just one of all the horrifying aspects I “dislike” about Eclipse is a difficult task, but for my rant of today I managed to do just that. As I was unable to terminate a running project as the uglified-square-with-rounded-corners thingy that ought to pass through as a “stop/terminate process” button was greyed out, it struck me that I didn’t even notice its positioning.

Yes. Its positioning.

Its terrible positioning that is the result of an utter lack of focus when its UI was put together by a disfocussed-whitebearded-enterprise-savy-open-source-loving-comittee of clueless people that tried to make every single pixel of the IDE configurable.

They came up with the following bright idea. Click on it to see a more detailed picture that - purely for the sake of this rant - was taken from a somewhat stretched window in order to allow me exaggerate my point.

Eclipse's default RUN and STOP buttons

What can I say? God I hate Eclipse. And Java. Oh, and aluminium.


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