My desk is usually a mess, but today it was so full of devices that I thought it was worth taking a picture of it. It’s not staged, this is the true status of my desk as I write it.
What’s there? In no particular order, this:
  • Asus Transformer Prime
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • iPad 3
  • iPhone 3GS
  • Apple TV 2
  • Chrome Book
  • Macbook Air 11”
  • Dell PC with two monitors
  • Xbox 360 wireless controller for Windows Controller
  • Dell Mouse
  • Microsoft Trackball
  • and of course a Space Quest II box. Who hasn’t one these days?

Why do I need all this stuff today? Well, my default setup is the PC with two monitors, mouse and trackball. I carry my iPad, iPhone and Macbook along with me when I travel from home to the Q42 office. For the Q42 Games project I tested gamepad support in HTML a few weeks ago, and for the Schooltas project at the moment I’m doing a bit of Android research.

The Apple TV is a version 2 that I traded with Chris today for my newly purchased version 3 because tonight I’ll be doing some legal jailbreaking of it and enjoying my new XBMC box :D 

And the Space Quest II box is one of my many Sierra boxes that I brought here in the office, which couldn’t be a better timing as we just finished the Two Guys Kickstarter HTML5 prototypes.



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