In an attempt bring something new to the Kickstarter table we signed up with legendary Space Quest designers Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy to do something insane: 

Release a new game every time another $100.000 milestone is reached during their SpaceVenture Kickstarter campaign.

Little did we know what we were in for, but I can tell you it’s been one heck of a ride, and it’s not over yet. As we’re in a nailbiting finish of the final 20 or so hours and not having reached the goal of $500.000 yet, I thought this would be a swell time to show what we’ve done “so far” :D

Game 0: How we got involved in the first place.

Read all about it in this post.

Game 1: The sketch

We built a first playable adventure game based on a pencil sketch by Mark Crowe. The game involves an anonymous player and just basic interactivity. If you’ve got Chrome you can play it here for free:

Game 2: The game in full color artwork with death scenes

For the second demo we implemented the full color artwork of Mark and added death scenes. There were 3 ways to die, including a man-eating plant, we added an animating space backdrop and a better interface.

Play it here for free right from your Chrome browser if you like.

Game 3 - iPad support, other browsers and lots of gimmicks

For this version the game became playable outside the Chrome Web Store and allowed players to install it on the iPad for offline play. Music was added (though not for the iPad through html yet) and lots of jokes were added like a DOS prompt, an “Insert Disk 2” installation joke and much more.

Check out this page for installation instructions for any platform.

Game 4 - Playable minigame

Game four actually had game 5 inside: a little minigame!

We added a new iPad touch interface, music, water particle effects, new music and sound effects, puzzles and the new jokes that Scott Murphy sent us. But the minigame was a personal favorite for the development team here at Q42. It was hilarious to do, and the reception was amazing.

Play it here:

Game 5 - ???

We’re not at the $500.000 yet so we haven’t released a fifth game. 

Bonus material

And just for fun we thought it would be cool if we gave the Two Guys and all the fans something in return for the awesome time we already had together. So we put together a few 1986-style spoof images of a (nonexisting) game exactly like the one we’ve been working on, only this time with the retro look and feel of the original Space Quests:

Closing thoughts

As I’m wrapping up this blogpost, the Kickstarter is at $489.000 with 21 hours to go. So if you’ve got $15 bucks to spare and want to play a really cool new adventure game from the guys who brought the world Space Quest, well then please go here and pledge. $15 will do just fine :D